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PIKEme came online late at night on March 27, 2010. The idea for PIKEme came from one simple realization, "People want the internet to be faster and easier to use." It was determined that the best way to accomplish this was through the use of icon links for fast image identification of company logos allowing users to navigate the internet with 1-click to reach their destination.


The name for PIKEme comes from the concept of a "turnpike" which is a private high speed freeway that bypasses the normal obstacles of navigation. So PIKEme is a statement saying, "I want a fast and easy way to navigate the internet without obstacles, such as typing URL's, misdirection, eye strain, and searching."


PIKEme is a navigational tool that makes the internet fast and easy to use by providing icon links to the top websites. PIKEme also has a handy search function that allows you to enter the name of the website to display its icon; you can then click on the icon to be taken directly to your website. PIKEme is customizable for individual user selection of favorite icon links. For your convenience PIKEme has assembled the top icon links to the top websites for the top 20 countries of internet users.


PIKEme's website is free to use and orders the icons for the TOP WEBSITES by their traffic rank. The traffic rank changes daily and PIKEme cannot guarantee that the order of the icons is a true reflection of their actual position.


Though the project is still very new PIKEme has received help from various parties including friends and family and PIKEme is very appreciative for their help.


PIKEme was designed to be used as a homepage. Please set PIKEme as your homepage by selecting the "HOW DOES IT WORK" navigational button and following the directions.


Please share PIKEme with your friends by posting a link on your favorite social network or by sending an email.


If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions about the PIKEme project or are interested in finding out how you can join in PIKEme, please feel free to contact PIKEme through the contact page.




Wyatt Charles Rose

President and Founder


PIKEme Trademark and Copyright 2010